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Nymph in the Woods

Brand identity for a lifestyle blogger

NITW is small-time lifestyle blog started by local jewelry designer, Sara. The blog served as a way to document her life, her fitness, and her weekly baking challenges. This creative outlet quickly became the face of her jewelry side-business as she began to gain a niche following via Reddit and Facebook.

Although the blog market is saturated, Sara believes that her unique combination of jewelry, fitness, and food stands out from the crowd and her following will grow. Her goal at the time of this project was to give a professional face to her merging interests. She needed a solid brand image that could give her the confidence to approach both a customer and a fan equally.

Project Information
Friday, January 13, 2017
2:22:13 AM
Graphic Design
Logo Design
Small Business
Final Renders
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Color Palette

Nature plays a large role in Sara’s work. From her outdoor fitness down to her beautiful shined rock jewelry. For these reasons, the perfect color scheme for the entire brand solely consists of shades of leaf and lime green. The green also invokes feelings of peace and serenity, which are traits that Sara describes as the most important assets in life.


The name “Nymph in the Woods” directly alludes to the mischevious tree nymphs (or dryads) from Greek mythology. The font Lora perfectly illustrates this fairytale-like charm of the blog. Arriving at the site and seeing the logo should stir up childhood feelings of opening their favorite classic fairy tale book.

Font Family: Arial
The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.
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Preceding Iterations and Work

The idea of an earthy color palette remained a constant since the very beginning of this project. On the other hand, the logo went through many non-linear iterations, ending on a visually pleasing mark based on the golden ratio–each circle’s diameter compared to its siblings is the golden ratio (~1.618..).

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