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Quadyster | Brand

Tech Company Re-branding for a Different Industry

The Quadyster team members refer to themselves as an information technology (I.T.) solutions provider. The founding team has more than three decades of prior experience in the space and have come together to seek government contracts to leave a bigger footprint as software engineers. They have a diverse client base--from large corporations like John Deere and Mahindra to smaller non-profit organizations that include Bright Kids and Icon Charities. As a growing business pushing for attention from government contractors, the Quadyster team sought a unified brand that brings to life the company's future-thinking and progressive tech culture.

The name "Quadyster" is a portmanteau (a blend of two words) of the prefix 'quad-' and the word 'oyster'. The prefix represents the four founders of the company and the "oyster" symbolizes to the precious pearl of knowledge and experience that sets the company apart from their other competitors in the field. In a sense, the company founders are the four pearls. The logo needed to embody these ideas while looking clean and bright, as well as being versatile enough to be printed both in color and black and white.

To address all the components of the company, the logo incorporates four variegated shiny pearls representing the different backgrounds of the four founders. The pearls were arranged in a close-knit diamond form to show balance, uniformity, and togetherness--all traits which are vital traits of a company founder, especially in a field like I.T. where competition is steep.

Project Information
Monday, January 9, 2017
8:53:13 PM
Graphic Design
Logo Design
Small Business
Final Renders
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Color Palette

With the idea of the four founders represented as pearls in mind, I approached the color palette with a monochromatic scheme at first. However, this did not capture the technical diversity of the founders or the chromatic reflections of pearls. From here I decided on a tetradic color scheme.

Chateau Green
Tree Poppy

This widened, balanced, geometric font perfectly compliments Quadyster’s brand vision of providing a full breadth of services as solutions to their clientele’s diverse problems.

Font Family: Montserrat
The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.
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Other Iterations

Originally, I went for a black and white approach, however, my decision changed after the assessment of deliverables. Being an I.T. company most of their product, aside from paperwork, would appear on screens, lifting the pre-conceived color constraints on the palette.

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